We are excited for our 4th year of DITCHED Con! Where coaches can connect with other coaching professionals, learn and share innovate ideas that have moved their coaching, and student growth forward, and create new opportunities to improve on their coaching practices.  Join us in Feb 2023.

DITCHED Con 2023

DITCHED CON 2023 is ready to launch! Don't forget to register by December 21st for early bird pricing and a savings of $15! We can't wait for the fun to begin and for you to join us live on February 3, 2023 to kick off our virtual sessions & recordings.


DITCHED Con 2022

DITCHED CON 2022 is ready to launch! We can't wait for the fun to begin on February 4, 2022! Don't forget to register by February 3rd for you access to live virtual sessions & recordings.

DITCHED Registration

Virtual DITCHED Con 2021

We had a fabulous time with so many great presenters that impacted our coaching by providing creative and  innovative ideas. We were able to connect with other coaches around the US and become inspired to support student and teacher growth.  If you are looking for ideas on 2022 proposals check out our menu here.